stil no studio


Dam I’m faded thinkin of girl that I was into
Wonderin about my mental
On the verge of breaking like a pencil
If u can’t hear me get earbuds
I’m a crazy dog airbuds
Been cryin so much I need new tear ducts
When I think if life I juss tear up
Hit the Weed got me thnkin
How quickly life be changin
Can’t take flight like a penguin
She want red bottoms call her satan
Niggas get big wonder how
How u finna bring it from the ground
can’t see future can’t live now
Wanna be king but where the crown
Waitin for a nigga to get cracked
Brothers stab a ya in the back
If I can’t run u get sacked
But dats everyday if u black
Want my girl Selena not Michelle
Girl can sing like she Adele
She got the full package like mail
She like an angel dat fell
Can’t do nun right so I’m left
Wit dis last finale breath
I can feel it in my breast
Dat my time will come
Wit da city that I come from
All i gotta do is wait
But naw nigga dats fake
Cuz ain’t shit gone happen
If dat first step ain’t taked
So I sit here and I write
Bout the sadness of my life
Niggas get chewed up like stride
Can’t stay awake so I sleep
Niggas Lyin thru they teeth
Soon I’ll leave earth, deceased
Will people cry wen I leave
But will I be remembered
Will I be hot in December
I’m gods son we all members
No action but if u figure
One day I’ll be top
Hopin dat I don’t drop
Can’t find the road im lost
Will I one day get shot
I sumtimes juss think
If Wut the future will bring
Will I get designer luxury
Ir all the same broke things
Sometimes I wanna cry
About how life flies by
Niggas talkin bout the truth
But embodied in they lies
One day I’ll be good
Ain’t gotta go to school
Gotta big house like the woods
But then again it’s dream
It may Neva happen to me
But dats where I come in
Gotta take control of my shit
Gonna choose the way dat I live
Dam I want dat girl
I’m doin dis all for her
she my sun my earth
Without her I can’t work
And I can put dat on Merch
Dam I miss my bro
Dam I love my dad
Dint need skuu I got class
Dam it’s almost over
Can’t get lucky like clovers
If I’m trash call me Oscar
I stay runnin like a motor
Will she love me too
Will I get the time to do
All I things dat I want too
She a blessin achoo
And now I dedicate dis song
to all my loved one
To my bro
My dad
And the girl dat I love
I’ll bring it to an end
Until then raise ya chin
I wish y’all da best
Y’all forever blessed