Adele « Hello » Cover (Madame Breezy Remix)

What do you get when you loop vocals by Khadijah Moon (bass vocals by producer Ben Beta), squish a water bottle and beat a laundry detergent basin for backing percussion? You get one of the most original versions of Adele’s single, « Hello » you’ve heard yet. No traditional instruments (other than vocals) used in the making of this song.

Artist Note:
I had fun with this piece. I love the visuals for Adele’s song « Hello » and the visuals, coupled with the lyrics led me to imagine that the song is actually talking about a woman’s want to communicate with her dead lover. I am a writer and actor, so my imagination kept going. I imagined that the woman singing is of the diva-esque quality and probably talked her lover to death when he was alive, so, even in an attempt to make a cosmic connection, she is monopolizing the conversation (« hello, hello, hello »). In May, I produced a concept show that was 20’s themed called « Madame Breezy’s Speakeasy ». The lead character was Delilah Rose, a love struck diva who was nutty and all over the place and she personifies the protagonist singing my cover of Adele’s song. So, it’s me, channeling Delilah Rose, singing a cover by Adele. Yeah, deep.

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