Adele – Hello (Piano Cover)

I’ve been inactive on Soundcloud for nearly a year. Each time I put up a track, I kept saying uploads would be more frequent, but I never anticipated the number of changes I’d be going through in my personal life. The amount of time it takes to adjust to college and living away from home is immense, and it barely leaves you with time for things you really want to do.
In other news though, I wouldn’t have been able to record good quality anyway.

I hope you enjoy this cover as much as I loved playing it. I actually listened to a couple of covers on YouTube prior to recording my own, and there are a lot of borrowed elements from those. I really appreciate those arrangements, but I’ve attempted to add stuff with a bit more freestyling in the middle.

A lot of people have been arguing over whether this track is overhyped or underappreciated, and while I understand that, I genuinely believe we should just enjoy the music these amazing artists put out.

Cheers. Hope everyone’s doing well.