Adele Hello (Reggae Cover)

Nutty O has done it again with the Reggae Version of the timeless hit by Adele #Hello

Artist: Nutty O Di Bwoy
Born: 23 June 1992
Speciality: Dancehall & Reggae
Nationality: Zimbabwean

Nutty O was born as Simbarashe Carrington on the 23 June 1992 from the forgotten ghetto of Mbare in the heart of the capital city of Harare in Zimbabwe. Harare is a corruption of Haarari, meaning ‘One who never sleeps’ and this was the name given to the Zezuru Chief of this north eastern part of Zimbabwe, a Chief Harava. Amidst the hardships of growing up way below the poverty line and in the heart of high density and social injustices, he has set himself on a path of reaching and changing lives through his Gog given talent of music. He decided to go against the common way of education to pursue his dream of breaking international barriers like his Idol « Lucky Dube » in which you may be able to pick up some strong resemblance in the sound and consciousness. He however is versatile as he has begun to build a reputation as being an Afrobeat specialist as witnessed in the Zimbabwean hit « See You Go Down ». He is currently unsigned and is looking for opportunities to build his brand and reach a far greater fan base. He has coined himself « Afrikaz Finest » and deservedly so with performances to audiences of over 5,000 in his native Zimbabwe he has been in tabloids frequently as legends in the industry have bet their top dollar on him being the future of Zimbabwean music. He hopes to someday be able to sit in studios with Don Jazzy, Wizkid and Davido who he shares a similar sound too. He is young vibrant and ready to conquer the global music sphere. He is continuously looking for opportunities to network and do collaborations and can be contacted through his administrative collaborate Tafara Dube on email [email protected]