GBA 199 Adele Hampton

In GBA 199 we get better acquainted with Adele Hampton. She talks spoken word, journalism, finding her voice, navigating the intersections of class, race, gender and sexuality, her specific experiences of growing up biracial, moving to London from America and so much more.

Adele plugs:

Her video production work: Contact her at Adele Hampton on facebook. Check out her previous video work:

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The upcoming #GBA200 season (16th-20th March 2015) where I will be celebrating 200 hundred episodes of Getting Better Acquainted with a week of conversations where the table is turned and other people run the show and I am the guest.

And Tragic Spring:

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Sophia Walker:
Can’t Care Won’t Care:
Around the World in 8 Mistakes:
Stand Up Tragedy:
Oxford Brookes:
New College of Humanities:
My dad:
Adele’s dad:
Miner’s Strike:
Spark London:
Doctor Who:
Daniel Radcliffe:
The Wire:
Huffington Post:

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