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Linkin Park - Greatest HITS

Linkin Park – Greatest HITS| 2014
MP3 | Rock | 103 Mo
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01.Numb (Album Version) [03:05]
02.Burn It Down [03:50]
03.Bleed It Out (Radio Edit) [02:43]
04.Lost In The Echo (Album Version) [03:26]
05.Iridescent [04:00]
06.The Catalyst (Album Version) [04:39]
07.What I’ve Done [03:27]
08.One Step Closer (Humble Brothers Remix) (FM Radio)[03:08]
09.New Divide [04:30]
10.In the End (Album Version) [03:34]
11.Breaking the Habit (Single Edit) [03:15]
12.Given Up (Radio Edit) [03:08]
13.Shadow of the Day (Single Edit) [04:14]
14.Burning In The Skies (Radio Edit) [04:00]
15.Crawling (Album Version) [03:27]
16.Castle Of Glass (Album Version) [03:24]
17.Faint [02:41]
18.Waiting For The End (Non Rap Version) [03:16]
19.Leave Out All The Rest [03:18]
20.We Made It (Album Version) [03:53]
21.Somewhere I Belong (Single Edit) [03:35]
22.Papercut [03:05]

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