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 Sting - My Best

Sting – My Best
MP3 | Rock | 320 Kbps | 527 Mo

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Sting – My Best 1

01.If You Love Somebody Set Them Free.mp3 10 MB
02.Russians.mp3 9 MB
03.The Dream Of The Blue Turtles.mp3 3 MB
04.Fortress Around Your Heart.mp3 11 MB
05.The Lazarus Heart.mp3 11 MB
06.Be Still My Beating Heart.mp3 13 MB
07.Englishman In New York.mp3 10 MB
08.History Will Teach Us Nothing.mp3 12 MB
09.They Dance Alone (Gueca Solo).mp3 17 MB
10.Fragile.mp3 9 MB
11.We’ll Be Together.mp3 11 MB
12.Straight To My Heart.mp3 9 MB

Sting – My Best 2

01.Sister Moon.mp3 9 MB
02.Little Wing.mp3 12 MB
03.The Secret Marriage.mp3 5 MB
04.All This Time.mp3 11 MB
05.Mad About You.mp3 9 MB
06.Why Should I Cry for You.mp3 11 MB
07.Saint Agnes and the Burning Train.mp3 6 MB
08.The Soul Cages.mp3 14 MB
09.When the Angels Fall.mp3 18 MB
10.Prologue (If I Ever Lose My Faith In You).mp3 10 MB
11.Fields Of Gold.mp3 9 MB
12.Seven Days.mp3 11 MB

Sting – My Best 3

01.It’s Probably Me.mp3 12 MB
02.Everybody Laughed But You.mp3 9 MB
03.Shape Of My Heart.mp3 11 MB
04.Something The Boy Said.mp3 13 MB
05.Epilogue (Nothing ‘Bout Me).mp3 9 MB
06.The Hounds Of Winter.mp3 13 MB
07.I Hung My Head.mp3 11 MB
08.Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot.mp3 16 MB
09.I Was Brought To My Senses.mp3 13 MB
10.You Still Touch Me.mp3 9 MB
11.I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying.mp3 9 MB
12.La Belle Dame Sans Regrets.mp3 12 MB

Sting – My Best 4

01.A Thousand Years.mp3 14 MB
02.Desert Rose.mp3 11 MB
03.Brand New Day.mp3 15 MB
04.Inside.mp3 11 MB
05.Send Your Love (Feat. Vicente Amigo).mp3 11 MB
06.Whenever I Say Your Name (Feat. Mary J. Blige).mp3 13 MB
07.Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing).mp3 9 MB
08.The Book Of My Life (Feat. Anoushka Shankar).mp3 14 MB
09.Sacred Love.mp3 14 MB
10.You Will Be My Ain True Love.mp3 9 MB
11.I Burn For You.mp3 9 MB
12.The Pirates Bride.mp3 12 MB